New Novel! October 2023 Newsletter

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve now completed the novel Death in Shining Armor, an academic murder mystery. It’s a new version of a novel that I’ve been writing in assorted versions off and on for thirty years. And I’m really pleased with the way it has turned out this.

Synopsis of this novel

Death in Shining Armor
An Academic Murder Mystery Novel

Foul play and funny business at a Renaissance Faire and beyond . . .

Vanessa Mathison, also known as Van the Potter, just wants to deliver some new wares to her shop on the Renaissance Faire site one night. It’s part of her plan to make money so she can have a future as a college professor instead of working at a nothing-burger job in an art school registrar’s office for the rest of her life.

Who knew somebody in shining armor would jump her?

At first, she tries to forget about the incident and get on with her life. But she doesn’t count on her sort-of-boyfriend Guy Truelove, an armchair detective, wanting to nab the villain. Soon he drags her into the weird world of the Ancient Ways Society where they discover that the person who called himself Death in Shining Armor probably killed someone that night.

And eventually, tempted by a reward, Van reports the attack to the police and the detective John Crawford shows up. He tells her to butt out of the case if she doesn’t want to get arrested for interfering. When Guy persuades her to wear a fat suit and attend the victim’s funeral as Miss Jane . . . Not Marple, but Swarovski things go  sideways fast and, feeling very threatened, Will I be next? Will I too die by the sword?

Snippet from this novel

After the victim’s funeral that Van wears a fat suit to . . .

Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to get out of there, I forgot to look where I was putting my feet, clad in the heavy granny shoes I’d borrowed from Guy. (They were too big for me by at least two sizes, maybe three, so I’d stuffed them with two pairs of socks under my black tights.

So, about the time I got next to Dr. Raston, surrounded by reporters sticking mikes in his face and cameramen, I hit my toe on an uneven piece of pavement, and down I went.

Oh damn, I thought as I fell, my hands going up to brace my fall. Falling . . . Falling . . . Oh crap, I’m falling. Not draw attention to yourself? Well, not today . . .

Reviews of this novel

What a fun premise and great setting!

Death in Shining Armor is first and foremost a page-turning mystery. In addition, Juliet Kincaid has sprinkled just enough humor, lighthearted moments, colorful characters and situations to bring us a highly entertaining novel that will keep you guessing until the very end. Enjoy!

Pre-Order this novel

Death in Shining Armor as an eBook is currently available for you to pre-order (until October 20 when it will come out) for the merest pittance of only $2.99 at

I encourage you to pre-order the eBook of Death in Shining Armor to help get my statistics up and even if you’re the sort of reader who prefers to read real books with real pages to turn. I’m currently working on the paperback version. But I’m a bit hung up on the cover right. So I can’t tell you exactly when it will come out. I’ll announce its publication through Facebook and Instagram and maybe a bonus newsletter like this one.

But wait there’s more . . .

I have decided to move on to the next novel in this series tentatively called Death and Dickens, an academic murder mystery, during National Novel Writing Month in November of this year aka NaNoWriMo2023. Whoop! Whoop!