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Cinderella PI Kindle Cover 2-4-2013b

When a very special magic wand goes missing, Cinderella takes the case, twenty years, three kids, and a few extra pounds after the ball. For fun and fantasy, get “Cinderella, P. I.,” a fairy tale mystery story for grown-ups, for FREE on Kindle 9/9 through 9/11/2016. Here’s the link to the story:


“a must for anyone who loved fairy tales as a child and wants a more adult version of favorite . . . characters”

“plenty of smiles and giggles at all the witty references”

“charming series . . . a highly entertaining and delightful read . . . smart plotting and whimsical adventures”

“a fun romp through a fairy tale”

“snappy dialogue and new twists on familiar fairy tale figures”

“If you are looking for a fun book to listen to while driving around town, then I recommend this one. The reader, Alyx Morgan, is excellent. She gives all the characters distinct voices. She also has a good sense of timing with the comedy scenes. Juliet Kincaid has made the old Cinderella come alive for us older folks who were lost back in time with the Disney version. This Cinderella is a character you can relate to. She has a family and in-laws to deal with while solving mysteries in the kingdom. Many times these stories just make you laugh out loud!”

FYI: If you prefer to listen to your fiction instead of reading it off the page, “Cinderella, P. I.” is the first story in Cinderella, P. I. and Other Fairy Tale Mystery Stories, now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. (And it’s free when you join Audible.) Here’s the trailer: