The Cinderella, P. I. Mysteries

Cinderella PI Kindle Cover 2-4-2013bTwenty years, three kids and a few extra pounds after the ball, Cinderella has become a detective engaged in all sorts of intriguing cases. Often they involve the missing, for example, missing wands, missing kids, a missing queen, and a missing muse. In one case Cinderella even has to figure out where she’s gone to. Written to entertain adults, all these stories feature humor and happy endings.

Individual stories currently available as Amazon Kindle eBooks

“Cinderella, P. I.”

“Cinderella, Undercover”

“Cinderella’s Giant Case”

“Cinderella and the Missing Wand”

“Prince C and the Near Miss”

“Cinderella, P. I. and the Big Pumpkin”

Cinderella, P. I. Fairy Tale Story Collections

Cinderella, P. I. and Other Fairy Tale Mystery Stories includes five stories previously published individually as eBooks and seven new  cases such as “The Glass Slippers Are Missing!” and “Cinderella and the Usual Suspects.”  Available as an eBook at and as a trade paperback: ISBN 978-9899504-4-2.

Cinderella, P. I. Around the World includes eight new fairy tale mystery stories such as “Cinderella and the Mysterious Blonde” and “Cinderella and the Tooth Fairy.” Available as an eBook at and as a trade paperback: ISBN 978-0-9899504-8-0.

Coming in 2015: Cinderella’s Last Case